It's hard to say goodbye...


But, it's not so hard anymore, when you know you can still keep in touch.

So long, blogger.

Come, follow me here.




week 18

week 18

week 31

week 31

About me

I am a wife to a loving, thoughtful husband, a mother of two little angels. Because of my husband's job, we have relocated from New Jersey to Los Angeles three years ago. I miss everything back East..NYC, Gray's Papaya, the subway..but know that LA is where God wants us to be right now. His grace is sufficient; I can't live through a day without depending on Him. My love affair with photography began when I was sixteen years old, when I saw a photograph taken by my cousin at South Seaport in NYC--it was a light switch turned on somewhere inside me. When I came home, I dove into photography. Since then, I've always had a burning desire to pursue photography. It was unfortunately cut short due to choosing another field of study during my college years..not until I became a stay-at-home mom and a God-given opportunity early this year, I was able to finally reunite with this passion..and the rest is history.


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